Producing Pure Biogas
Helsingborg Site
Helsingborg Site
Helsingborg is a strategic location for the distribution of the Pure Biogas.
Within the industrial park at NSR - where new technologies, waste streams and innovations emerge - the suppliers benefit from national and international attention. 

Technology and capacity

Three upgrading plants, based on both PSA and Water scrubbing technology, with a total rawgas treatment capacity of 2400 Nm3/h.

Modern and well maintained operation with virtually no Methane slip and low power consumption.

Zero Methane emissions with fully developed RTO´s installed at the tail.

Extremely well trained and schooled. With focus and ambitions to reach the best possible results for the environment, with the highest efficiency and process performance during all stages.

Pure Biogas - 100% Fossil Free, today it is available as gas.
Substrate and organic waste streams mainly origin from households, leftovers and the foodprocessing industry.
To come is the liquefaction of the Pure Biogas to LBG, for an even higher energy concentration and cost effective transportation.

Öresundskraft AB is distributing the our Biogas via a local filling station and through a local Biogas net. 

On request
Rackfilling and distribution over the gas grid.

A Joint Venture between the NVGAS Cluster and NSR - Nordvästra Skånes Renhållningsbolag AB. 

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